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The Stockyard Coffeehouse

The Stockyard Coffeehouse is located in Chicago’s historic Bridgeport neighborhood. The owners are proud Bridgeport residents and are happy to serve the community in which they live. 


On the drink menu you will find your regular cup of coffee, specialty lattes, espresso shots, cortaditos and their signature drink the Mexican Mocha. Dairy and non-dairy items available. There is also a selection of non caffeinated drinks, hot tea, iced tea, and steamers. 

On the Food Menu there is an array of breakfast and brunch items that include avocado toast, lox and breakfast bagels, wraps, sandwiches and pastries. For the kid in you there are also items like the Nutella Banana sandwiches and PB & J's.

avocado toast.jpg
avocado blt .jpg
Nutella-banana sandwich & lavender corta
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